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Psycledelicshroomonline is a group of psychedelic advocates, space holders, and psychonauts. As you may have guessed, that means a small, tightly-knit family. We strive to source psilocybin products from experienced cultivators and reputable producers from across USA. There are real people behind Psycledelicshroomonline, with real experiences healing, growing, and learning this fascinating medicine.

Each of us who works behind the scenes at Psycledelicshroomonline has direct knowledge about the psychedelic healing powers of magic mushrooms. With this experience, we are driven to provide entheogenic healing to others. Whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual well being you are pursuing, start your journey with us.

We are not just an online shroom dispensary. We are a community of like-minded individuals sharing the therapeutic potential of psilocybin with the world. Magic mushrooms are not just a business for us; Psycledelicshroomonline is a labour of love.

Our online psilocybin dispensary offers something different to our customers: the powerful combination of expert guidance with premium products for an otherworldly spiritual journey. We provide a Compassionate Pricing program and work within a shamainc network of healers.


Are you a psychiatrist? A healer? A neo-shaman? An experienced trip sitter/space holder? We need you! We are on a shared mission: to spread the magical healing modality that is psilocybin. We are on a mission to create an extensive network of healers to pair with potential passengers across the globe Please reach out to us sales@psycledelicshroomonline.com